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Senator Kim Ward voted to block affordable medicine for cancer patients

In June of 2021, while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, PA Senator Kim Ward voted to block an amendment that would have allowed cancer patients access to affordable medicine.

Just two weeks after becoming the first woman in the commonwealth’s history to serve as Senate majority leader, Kim Ward was diagnosed with breast cancer. But a lumpectomy, a mastectomy and having her ovaries removed didn't stop Kim Ward from blocking other cancer patients in Pennsylvania from accessing affordable medicine.

The accessibility and affordability amendment would’ve marked a notable expansion of the state’s existing program through which cancer patients must purchase from publicly-traded out-of-state corporations at arguably the highest prices in the nation. Under the accessibility and affordability proposal, patients 21 and older would have been able to cultivate up to five plants.

Cancer patients in Pennsylvania who choose to grow their own medicine will continue to be criminalized at the taxpayers' expense. Senate Members tabled the amendment in a party-line vote of 29-21. The full medical cannabis legislation it would have been attached to later advanced without the accessibility and affordability provision in a 47-3 vote.

Kim Ward, according to cannabis activist and political commentator Pittsburghatory, “voted for corporate handouts, mold remediation and pesticides, but was sure to actively move against individual rights. That's deplorable. That's disgusting. That's corrupt. Kim Ward should be deeply ashamed of herself.”

Here's a screenshot the vote. 'Yes' votes supported blocking access for cancer patients. 'No' votes supported the accessibility and affordability proposal.

How can you help?
Call Senator Kim Ward at 724-600-7002 and demand access to affordable medicine for PA's cancer patients. Cancer patients in Pennsylvania deserve access to affordable medicine.