July 14, 2021   |   By Sarah Williamson

Dan Laughlin voted to block affordable medicine for patients

PA Senator Dan Laughlin voted to block an amendment to a medical cannabis bill that would have given medical patients access to affordable plant medicine.

Under the accessibility and affordability amendment from Senator Sharif Street last month, patients 21 and older would have been able to cultivate up to five plants.

That would’ve marked a notable expansion of the state’s existing program through which patients must purchase from publicly-traded out-of-state corporations at arguably the highest prices in the nation.

“It’s disturbing that Senator Laughlin is willing to pass laws benefiting the corporate industry while jeopardizing the livelihood of his constituents. In Pennsylvania, patients are still being thrown in prison for growing their own medicine. Families are being torn apart because of elected officials like Senator Dan Laughlin,” said Marty Kennedy, a medical cannabis patient from Erie County.

Senate Members tabled the amendment in a party-line vote of 29-21. 'Yes' votes like Senator Laughlin's supported blocking access for patients: